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ROBERT SCHROEDER “The Turn of a Dream” (1987)

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Late ’80s synth washes from a guy who built electronics for Klaus Schulze in the ’70s, ideal for isolation tank or Carl Sagan soundtrack.

I had this on the earphones a couple of weekends ago as I was sloshing through the sleet on my way to the incredible Burtynsky Oil show at the Corcoran and it was perfect inside and outside.

AMON DUUL II “Spaniards & Spacemen” (1978)

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Wow, Düül fans might hate this song even more than Can fans hate “Like Inobe God” but I’m definitely interested in Krauty-disco-flamenco excursions so this sits pretty well with me.


3rd Kind

Recently posted gems from all over:

Never Enough Rhodes shares this great Marvin Gaye/Mizell Brothers jam. News to me!

Dream Chimney shares this Santo & Johnny-meets-Amon Duul cut from Eroc.

And Mind on the Run shares a tremendous track from Sir Richard Bishop’s new record on Drag City. Unbelievable guitar on this.

Don’t sleep!

HOLGER CZUKAY “Blessed Easter” (1987)

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Czukay’s post-Can work is the shit. I particularly dig his tape manipulations and use of found audio; the greatest of these is Movies’ “Persian Love”.

“Blessed Easter” is a close second though, blending a recording of Pope John Paul II leading Easter services with a dubby Jah Wobble baseline, radio fragments, and a languid electronic bed. Soooo good.