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Scott Storch is managing to stay one step ahead of the bailiffs and repo men, apparently, because he produced “Shutterbugg” for Big Boi, at least the 400th leaked track off Sir Luscious Leftfoot, which is rapidly turning into the SMiLE of rap records.

Anyway, this is pretty awesome, especially the Soul II Soul quote (who looks prescient now?), though I don’t quite love it off the bat the way I loved “Shine Blockas”.

GUCCI MANE “Lemonade” (2009)

Free Gucci

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Just in time for his album to come out, Gucci goes and violates himself back into six months in jail.

If this amazing kids’-chorus-and-piano jam– and some of his recent features— are indicative of where he’s headed, here’s hoping he gets time off for good behavior.

MANNIE FRESH “Like a Boss” (2009)

Hopefully this isn't the real cover

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The Mind of Mannie Fresh was one of my favorite rap albums of 2005 (yes it came out in ’04 but I’m a little slow on the draw sometimes) so I’m way excited to finally hear some new Mannie Fresh.

“Like a Boss” lacks the brio of Mannie’s best solo work, but I can overlook that. The horrible album cover is less excusable. Where’s Pen & Pixel when you need it?


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I don’t want be just another blog reposting fresh leaks from further up the pipeline but I can’t resist the second Sir Luscious Leftfoot killer to leak in recent weeks.

This one’s truly an amazing jam, Speakerboxxx-good, great Harold Melvin sample, Gucci in fine form, and the man himself:

Boy, you cuff and claim the dame, hey, my main thing got my last name, yanadamean?

BIG BOI f/GEORGE CLINTON & TOO SHORT “Fo’ Yo’ Sorrows” (2009)

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Woah, I let it get dusty in here. I’ll try to be better.

I think this is the best of all the leaked tracks that might or might not be on Sir Luscious Left Foot. Too Short does a lot with a little.

JACKIE CHAIN “Diamonds & Cadillacs” (2009)

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Whoa, Jackie Chain is Asian? I should read more hip hop blogs probably.

This might be as good as “Rollin'”; the synths are great. Jackie stays in his lyrical lane but Block Beataz Djay Cas of the Academy really delivers.

SOULJA BOY TELL ‘EM “Turn My Swag On” (2009)

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I give in. This has been on my iPod for months, and for months I would skip it when it came up on shuffle. BUT.

Recently I’ve stopped skipping it if it came up. My defenses have been worn down? Probably if I had MTV or listened to the radio things never would have reached this point…

The synths are HUGE.

FREEWAY f/SHEEK LOUCH “Keep Yo’ Hands Up” (2009)

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Always excited to hear new Freeway, who is surely performing a mitzvah by giving Sheek Louch work.

TWISTA f/CEE-LO, BIG ZAK, & JAZZE PHA “Say Say” (2007)

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Jazze, what happened? A few years ago 30 minutes of every radio hour was Jazze Pha productions. Now it’s all Zaytoven all the time.

“Say Say” was on a Twista record from 2007 which sank like a stone, but it’s at least a year or possibly two older than that.

Golden age Jazze and pre-Gnarls Cee-Lo: What can you say, boo? You all in they way boo. Brazilian wax and a facial, that’s a busy day boo.

BIZARRE “Ghetto Music” (2005)

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Complete winner from the John Popper of D12 (the fat one who’s not dead):

Poppin’ some pills, listening to Fleetwood Mac

Give Eminem credit, he ghost-writes a snappy line or two.