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BERT JANSCH “Baby Blue” (1975)

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Really delighted to see that Drag City has reissued Jansch’s mid-’70s California records (LA Turnaround, Santa Barbara Honeymoon, and A Rare Conundrum).

Jansch didn’t go quite as native as some other British folk guys who went to California in the ’70s but the results are more than satisfying. “Baby Blue” is such a charmer; I love the steel drums especially. Reminds me that certain Drag City classics feature steel drums, of course…


ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH “Lake Shore Drive” (1971) and WILLIAM TRUCKAWAY “Bluegreens” (1971)

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Two incredible AM Gold winners from 1971.

“Bluegreens” is a charmer, all harmonizing and hand claps, from the guy who was the lead singer of San Francisco footnoters the Sopwith Camel. If he cut any solo records other than this one, the Internet doesn’t know about it.

“Lake Shore Drive” is a total gem. Love that piano immensely. On repeat for months…

THE BEACH BOYS “Trader” (1973)

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Brian Wilson was apparently literally phoning it in on Holland and so there’s too much Al Jardine and Mike Love for my taste (and not enough Dennis Wilson). There are still gems here, and Carl Wilson’s “Trader” is a sweet cut, my favorite from the record.

The Beach Boys’ political and environmental jams of the mid-70s are hit and miss (though things got a lot worse before it got a little better) but this one’s a keeper.