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TAKANAKA MASAYOSHI “Just Chuckle” (1981)

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One of my favorite blogs is My Jazz World, which features a cut-and-come-again pudding of crazy late ’70s/early ’80s Japanese jazz records. A recent gem out of that shop is this truly bizarre concept album by Takanaka Masayoshi, about some goblins who plot to steal the colors of the rainbow in order to eat them (!).

I love the narration, straight out of some BBC children’s show, and Takanaka’s enthusiastic overuse of the talkbox. Such a winner.

HARUOMI HOSONO “Sports Men” (1982)

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Until recently my favorite Hosono solo jam was the incredible new wave Dr. Johnist “Tokyo Rush” but then I heard “Sports Men”. Now I can’t hear anything else

I had to drive to Baltimore today and I probably listened to this ten times there and back.