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From the Archives [sic]: DON CHERRY “Until the Rain Comes” (1990)

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I’ve been a big, big fan of Don Cherry’s ’80s and ’90s stuff for a little while now. “Until the Rain Comes” was definitely a summer jam for me last year but it’s still doing the job on a howlingly windy day in November, for sure.

ATLANTIC BRIDGE “Dear Prudence” (1970)

That, of course, is a bridge much closer to the Pacific

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I normally steer clear of jazzrock, but this jam is right on, a really effective cover

TAKANAKA MASAYOSHI “Just Chuckle” (1981)

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One of my favorite blogs is My Jazz World, which features a cut-and-come-again pudding of crazy late ’70s/early ’80s Japanese jazz records. A recent gem out of that shop is this truly bizarre concept album by Takanaka Masayoshi, about some goblins who plot to steal the colors of the rainbow in order to eat them (!).

I love the narration, straight out of some BBC children’s show, and Takanaka’s enthusiastic overuse of the talkbox. Such a winner.

JUNIOR MANCE “Before This Time Another Year” (1968)

Junior Mance

The bass fucking rules on this. I really need to learn more about jazz.

There’s more from the same sermon here.

SONNY SHARROCK “Blind Willy” (1969)

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Sharrock absolutely shreds here, like Fahey at his fiercest.

JEAN-LUC PONTY “Savannah” (1993)

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I put this up back at the old place a week or so ago but the post seems to have vanished. I think I accidentally the entire post?

Anyway, I’m digging JLP’s Afrobeat excursions of the early ’90s right now, and this one’s really the pick of the litter.

HENRI TEXIER “Kan ar Labour” (1979)

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Brushes + double bass + flute+ hand claps + da da dums = I’m interested.

Texier’s a French associate of Don Cherry and Jean-Luc Ponty, and that’s recommendation enough for me.