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SPIRITUALIZED “Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (A Cappella)” (1997)

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LAX to Melbourne is waaay too long a flight for someone as fidgety as I am so of course I took a couple Ambien and put the new 3 disc Ladies and Gentlemen… reissue on repeat and went to sleep.

Every so often I’d surface, half-awake, in the dark plane, with the massive white noise of the engines laying over everything and one of the song fragments/elements/demos from the 2nd disc playing, and I’d have 10 seconds of groggy disorientation and then I’d fall back asleep…

From the Archives [sic]: DON CHERRY “Until the Rain Comes” (1990)

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I’ve been a big, big fan of Don Cherry’s ’80s and ’90s stuff for a little while now. “Until the Rain Comes” was definitely a summer jam for me last year but it’s still doing the job on a howlingly windy day in November, for sure.

THE MOLES “This is a Happy Garden” (1991) and COSMOS “Nude Metropolis” (2009)

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In high school and college I was a huge fan of Richard Davies’ many amazing musical projects.

“This is a Happy Garden” is on Untune the Sky, a little before my time. I must have heard it before but it is really blowing me away now. Love the slow build to the last 30 seconds or so. You can check out more early Moles here.

Clearly I need to spend more time on Stereopitchvegan because I hadn’t heard that Davies’ has a new(ish) album out with Bob Pollard (!), whence “Nude Metropolis”. I pretty much would have died over this when I was 17.