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USHER f/YO GOTTI “Get in My Car” (2010ish)

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This is the first Usher song that’s caught the ear since “Love in This Club”, which seems like forever ago.

Anyway, he’s clearly returning to the well– “Love in This Club” was Polow da Don-produced, featured a gruff Southern rapper, and was about having sex in the club. “Get in My Car” is Polow da Don-produced, features a gruff Southern rapper, and is about leaving the club to have sex. Maybe it qualifies as a sequel?

BOBBY WOMACK “Facts of Life/He’ll Be There When the Sun Goes Down” (1973)


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Just so you know, when you’re a young lady hanging out backstage at a Bobby Womack show, and he invites you to his hotel room for a drink, and you suggest he’s got ulterior motives, that makes him feel terrible.

I mean, jeez, if he wanted to run game on you, you’d know it.

THE WANDERERS “You Can’t Run Away From Me” (1963)


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Is there a more crucial reissue label than Ace? If it had never released anything other than the Dave Godin Deep Soul comps, that would be enough…

I totally love their impeccable anthologies documenting the lesser known productions of famous and not so famous producers and songwriters.

I’m probably never going to get my hands on even one of these 45s, and without Ace I’d never have heard perfect little gems like “You Can’t Run Away From Me”. Ace does god’s work.

UPDATE: Incompetent hotlinking fixed.

TIMMY THOMAS “Love is Never Too Late” (1984)


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I’m always a little hesitant about the records ’70s soul guys cut in the ’80s, especially in the case of a guy like Thomas, since my knowledge of his discography basically begins and ends with “Why Can’t We Live Together”, but despite a few dated moments, this really delivers.

NINA SIMONE “Ain’t Got No/I Got Life” (1968)


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This is one of my favorite Nina jams, but I had no idea until just now that it’s a medley of Hair songs. The gaps in my cultural literacy are yawning chasms.

JAMES BROWN “I Guess I’ll Have to Cry, Cry, Cry” (1969)

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James Brown’s ballads are the fucking best. This song is put together so well; the horns really, really slay me. And the last 30 seconds, phew.


3rd Kind

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