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BILL WYMAN “(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star” (1982)

Je sui un rock star

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Oh hey, where the fuck has this Classic been hiding my whole life?!??

Asrestlessasweare just posted the video, which I urge you not to miss, particularly for Wyman’s pricelessly sheepish smirk when he sings we could go on the hovercraft/across the water/they’ll think I’m your dad/and you’re my daughter.


SPARKS “Young Girls” (1980)

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While Sparks’ No. 1 in Heaven was totally Moroder-driven, on 1980’s Terminal Jive Moroder stepped back a bit and Harold Faltermeyer was clearly in charge. You can hear it too: No. 1 is disco and Terminal Jive is a new wave affair.

Anyway, this is a great jam, but it’s only my second favorite about the pleasures of Humberthumbertism. As usual, Ray Davies defeats all comers.