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From the Archives [sic]: TABU LEY ROCHEREAU “Haffi Deo” (1985)

Stop snitching

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One of my absolute favorite African jams ever, a real killer, posted at the old place back in June of ’08.

Shamelessly leeched (without attribution!) from the wizards at Dream Chimney, so let me now correct that discourtesy.

UPDATE: Uh, something happened between this morning and this evening, because when you go to Dream Chimney’s Track of the Day it says

Track of the Day was a site for promoting music (2000-2009)

Hopefully this is not for good. Those guys turned me on to a ton of great music…

TABU LEY ROCHEREAU “Maindo Moussa” (1970s ca.)

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In the dark on the year here; I got this sweet cut from an African record store in Prince Georges and the CD’s copyright status is, uh, murky, and the laser-printed insert’s information free. The Internet isn’t much help either.

Whatever, as usual for a ’70s Tabu Ley jam, tremendous guitar is deployed. Miss the synths from his 1980s style though.