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MICKEY HART “Pump Song” (1972)

Rolling Thunder

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Been quite a while since I posted any Grateful Dead, and even longer since I posted any Dead solo stuff but I am really digging Rolling Thunder, Mickey Hart’s first solo record.

The record features a fistful of boldface names (Stephen Stills, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, etc) but “Pump Song” is basically the core Dead (Garcia, Hart, Lesh, Bob Weir)…plus the Tower of Power horns (yes). Far superior if you ask me to the GD live jam it evolved into, “Greatest Story Ever Told”.


GRATEFUL DEAD “France” (1978)

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This is a weird jam. I don’t really dig the lady who sings on late ’70s Dead records, and some of Lowell George’s production choices are out of left field (what’s with the steel pan?).

BUT I play this pretty often; it reminds me a lot of certain records I really, really loved in the late ’90s.