Port outward, starboard home

YABBY YOU “Run Come Rally” (1975)

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KATE & ANNA McGARRIGLE “Avant le Guerre” (1980)

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USHER f/YO GOTTI “Get in My Car” (2010ish)

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This is the first Usher song that’s caught the ear since “Love in This Club”, which seems like forever ago.

Anyway, he’s clearly returning to the well– “Love in This Club” was Polow da Don-produced, featured a gruff Southern rapper, and was about having sex in the club. “Get in My Car” is Polow da Don-produced, features a gruff Southern rapper, and is about leaving the club to have sex. Maybe it qualifies as a sequel?

BERNT STAF “Valhall” (1973)

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This has been completely ruling the earphones for the last month. Swedish prog dudes are so fucking good. Bo Hansson’s Moog really makes this.

Via the excellent Prejka. No surprise, my favorite blog in the world Mind on the Run had it a while back too.

SPIRITUALIZED “Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (A Cappella)” (1997)

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LAX to Melbourne is waaay too long a flight for someone as fidgety as I am so of course I took a couple Ambien and put the new 3 disc Ladies and Gentlemen… reissue on repeat and went to sleep.

Every so often I’d surface, half-awake, in the dark plane, with the massive white noise of the engines laying over everything and one of the song fragments/elements/demos from the 2nd disc playing, and I’d have 10 seconds of groggy disorientation and then I’d fall back asleep…

From the Archives [sic]: COLOURED BALLS “G.O.D.” (1973)

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Too cross-eyed by jet lag to do anything other than repost something from the old place; I just don’t have any other Australiana to hand. I urge you to watch the Youtube on the other end of the link. It remains awesome.

We weren’t in Melbourne and I didn’t see any Obvious Sharpies in Adelaide or Alice Springs but let me tell you the airport in Darwin in the middle of the night is full of people displaying similar plumage (a high tattoo-to-teeth ratio) and behavior (rapid lager consumption).

THE KINKS “Australia” (1969)

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There’s 20 inches of snow on the ground in DC but whatever because in T minus 72 hours the wife and I will be heading for the summer. It’s 85 degrees and sunny in Adelaide as I type this.

Update: While I’m in the Antipodes blogging will be light, all 12 of you will devastated to hear.