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FREEWAY f/SHEEK LOUCH “Keep Yo’ Hands Up” (2009)

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Always excited to hear new Freeway, who is surely performing a mitzvah by giving Sheek Louch work.


TWISTA f/CEE-LO, BIG ZAK, & JAZZE PHA “Say Say” (2007)

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Jazze, what happened? A few years ago 30 minutes of every radio hour was Jazze Pha productions. Now it’s all Zaytoven all the time.

“Say Say” was on a Twista record from 2007 which sank like a stone, but it’s at least a year or possibly two older than that.

Golden age Jazze and pre-Gnarls Cee-Lo: What can you say, boo? You all in they way boo. Brazilian wax and a facial, that’s a busy day boo.

BIZARRE “Ghetto Music” (2005)

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Complete winner from the John Popper of D12 (the fat one who’s not dead):

Poppin’ some pills, listening to Fleetwood Mac

Give Eminem credit, he ghost-writes a snappy line or two.