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THE KINKS “Australia” (1969)

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There’s 20 inches of snow on the ground in DC but whatever because in T minus 72 hours the wife and I will be heading for the summer. It’s 85 degrees and sunny in Adelaide as I type this.

Update: While I’m in the Antipodes blogging will be light, all 12 of you will devastated to hear.

ROBERT SCHROEDER “The Turn of a Dream” (1987)

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Late ’80s synth washes from a guy who built electronics for Klaus Schulze in the ’70s, ideal for isolation tank or Carl Sagan soundtrack.

I had this on the earphones a couple of weekends ago as I was sloshing through the sleet on my way to the incredible Burtynsky Oil show at the Corcoran and it was perfect inside and outside.

NINA HAGEN BAND “African Reggae” (1979)

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Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been very busy playing Modern Warfare 2 online.

Nina Hagen was from East Berlin, a dissident’s stepdaughter. Apparently the East Germans gave up trying to block West German television and radio broadcasts in the ’60s; this must have made it a much weirder place to live than, say, Bulgaria because the counter-narrative is right there, you don’t have to seek it out.

And so, viz: Nina Hagen. I guess all the late ’70s punks were about epater les bourgeoisie but Nina’s even weirder, even after she went to the West: epater les nomenklatura?