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Archive for November 19, 2009

OSCAR NEVES “N’zambi” (197?)

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Music from Lusophone Africa is pretty much unknown to me; other than a few stray tracks I’ve heard here and there I’m wholly ignorant.

Good thing for me that San Pasquale Entertainment has shared this criminally OOP comp of Angolan jams. It’s full of modest charmers like Oscar Neves’ “N’zambi”, which, between the table top percussion and the whistling in the fade-out, I’m totally digging.

ERIC BURDON & WAR “The Vision of Rassan: Dedication/Roll on Kirk (1970)

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I really like War, but I never listened to Eric Burdon Declares “War”, because of the over-familiarity of a certain chestnut on the record.

As usual, I didn’t know what I was missing.