Port outward, starboard home


Sell Out

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Everybody hates Unconditionally Guaranteed— even Don Van Vliet disowned it– and in truth it’s not very exciting or ambitious or good, but I can’t get tired of this half-assed, sub-Allmans ’70s period piece at all.


  Jay St. Orts wrote @

I know what you mean. Lazy is lazy, but ole Don was pretty interesting, whether trying to rig the music-chart game or totally ignore it:

I don’t know. I take a lighter-handed approach to the record. Sure, it’s not challenging, and sometimes you know Beefheart is playing us for lowest-common-denom fools, but most of the music is interesting, even if it isn’t great–an interesting document of a troubled genius in creative flux.

  colonialvigor wrote @

Let’s be honest I listen to this record and Ice Cream for Crow more often than I do Mirror Man Sessions…

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