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MANNIE FRESH “Like a Boss” (2009)

Hopefully this isn't the real cover

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The Mind of Mannie Fresh was one of my favorite rap albums of 2005 (yes it came out in ’04 but I’m a little slow on the draw sometimes) so I’m way excited to finally hear some new Mannie Fresh.

“Like a Boss” lacks the brio of Mannie’s best solo work, but I can overlook that. The horrible album cover is less excusable. Where’s Pen & Pixel when you need it?

SIMON FINN “Laughing ‘Till Tomorrow” (1970)

Pass the Distance on the Left Hand Side

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The Wiki entry for Simon Finn unintentionally reveals a basic (and irritating) truth about how quality is sometimes determined for older records when it describes Pass the Distance as having “attained legendary status as it was so hard to obtain”, rather than, you know, because it was so good. Many “great” rare records suffer from this disease.

But I really, really like Pass the Distance, and especially the noodly electric guitar Finn’s got going on here, so nevermind.