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GHETTO BLASTER “Ghetto Blaster” (1985)

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Thanks to Jane Kramer for the tip about Ghetto Blaster.

Europeans, a collection of Kramer’s old New Yorker pieces, includes a fine essay about these Lagos scenesters who went to Paris and rode the mid-80s African music craze for a while but never quite made it to the Youssou N’Dour big time.

There is also a 12″ on Island I’d quite like to get my hands on…

From the Archives [sic]: DON CHERRY “Until the Rain Comes” (1990)

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I’ve been a big, big fan of Don Cherry’s ’80s and ’90s stuff for a little while now. “Until the Rain Comes” was definitely a summer jam for me last year but it’s still doing the job on a howlingly windy day in November, for sure.

OSCAR NEVES “N’zambi” (197?)

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Music from Lusophone Africa is pretty much unknown to me; other than a few stray tracks I’ve heard here and there I’m wholly ignorant.

Good thing for me that San Pasquale Entertainment has shared this criminally OOP comp of Angolan jams. It’s full of modest charmers like Oscar Neves’ “N’zambi”, which, between the table top percussion and the whistling in the fade-out, I’m totally digging.

ERIC BURDON & WAR “The Vision of Rassan: Dedication/Roll on Kirk (1970)

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I really like War, but I never listened to Eric Burdon Declares “War”, because of the over-familiarity of a certain chestnut on the record.

As usual, I didn’t know what I was missing.

GUCCI MANE “Lemonade” (2009)

Free Gucci

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Just in time for his album to come out, Gucci goes and violates himself back into six months in jail.

If this amazing kids’-chorus-and-piano jam– and some of his recent features— are indicative of where he’s headed, here’s hoping he gets time off for good behavior.

BOBBY WOMACK “Facts of Life/He’ll Be There When the Sun Goes Down” (1973)


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Just so you know, when you’re a young lady hanging out backstage at a Bobby Womack show, and he invites you to his hotel room for a drink, and you suggest he’s got ulterior motives, that makes him feel terrible.

I mean, jeez, if he wanted to run game on you, you’d know it.

ATLANTIC BRIDGE “Dear Prudence” (1970)

That, of course, is a bridge much closer to the Pacific

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I normally steer clear of jazzrock, but this jam is right on, a really effective cover