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YOUSSOU N’DOUR & LE SUPER ETOILE “Immigres/Bitm Rew” (1984/1988)

Youssou talkin to me?

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In heavy rotation lately, what a killer. The break, with the hand claps and the talking drums, just knocks me out, and then the horns come sliding back in, so great.

MOONDOG “I’m This, I’m That” (1979)

Full Moon

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I know and love Moondog’s ’50s and ’60s stuff pretty well, but I’m much less familiar with the later records like H’Art Songs.

The absolutely crucial Mind on the Run hepped me to “Choo Choo Lullaby” from H’Art Songs back in February; I’m just now getting into the rest of the record…

I guess late Moondog is a lot less “weird” than the early records, but whatever, try and resist this sly number, you can’t.

TIMMY THOMAS “Love is Never Too Late” (1984)


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I’m always a little hesitant about the records ’70s soul guys cut in the ’80s, especially in the case of a guy like Thomas, since my knowledge of his discography basically begins and ends with “Why Can’t We Live Together”, but despite a few dated moments, this really delivers.

NINA SIMONE “Ain’t Got No/I Got Life” (1968)


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This is one of my favorite Nina jams, but I had no idea until just now that it’s a medley of Hair songs. The gaps in my cultural literacy are yawning chasms.

MICKEY HART “Pump Song” (1972)

Rolling Thunder

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Been quite a while since I posted any Grateful Dead, and even longer since I posted any Dead solo stuff but I am really digging Rolling Thunder, Mickey Hart’s first solo record.

The record features a fistful of boldface names (Stephen Stills, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, etc) but “Pump Song” is basically the core Dead (Garcia, Hart, Lesh, Bob Weir)…plus the Tower of Power horns (yes). Far superior if you ask me to the GD live jam it evolved into, “Greatest Story Ever Told”.

PRINCESS BUMY OLAJUBU “Tell Me You’ve Come to Stay” (1983)

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I was cruising through the archives of With Comb & Razor, and I came upon this little cut of lighter-than-air Afropop, a total prize. I understand her majesty’s Nigerian, and I’ve never heard music like this from there before. Definitely on the hunt for more….

Lately I’m either reposting content from myself or others, but I promise to be less lazy sometime, maybe soon.

From the Archives [sic]: FAMILY “Larf & Sing” (1971)

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More reruns.