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CZESLAW NIEMEN “Steppe Ringsumher/Stiep da Stiep Krugom” (1973)

Click image to download

Click image to download

Czeslaw Niemen was a Polish rock singer who made a bunch of jazz fusion records with people like Jan Hammer in the late ’70s. I don’t know anything about that, but his late ’60s/early ’70s pre-fusion stuff is pretty good.

This gospely jam comes from an album of Russian songs he did for release in West Germany: piano, male chorus, acoustic guitar, incredible. Like a Polish Band or something?


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  Luba wrote @

Correction, there was no male chorus used, it was multiple recording of Niemen’s voice only. He did that often in his recodings where he played and sang alone. He was an incredible talent, played organ, synthesizer, giuitar, harmonica, accordeon, flute, piano, composed most of his songs, wrote beautiful, heartfelt poetry to many of his songs, painted and did his own record graphics, He sang in many languages, Polish, Russian, English, italian, Prtiugese, Spanih and French. He was truly a talent on the world scale. Has 4 octave voice.
Was an inncredible person with heart and soul who cared about the earth and people, died of cancer at the age of 65.

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