Port outward, starboard home


A regular member of the CV minyan has let me know that Mediafire wasn’t letting him download many jams. I tested a few and didn’t have problems, but he’s no n00b so I assume it’s a genuine malfunction. I will switch back to Divshare going forward and will sporadically reup past numbers onto same. Has anybody else encountered problems? Please let me know in the comments…


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  Duncan Walls wrote @

never had any problem with Mediafire; quick and easy to use (as opposed to Rapidshare…which I suppose I have to spring for once and a while just to get a backlog of things I’d like) …Just got my first ‘you’ve downloaded too much’ notice from Megaupload, much to my surprise. Divshare is a bit unwieldy but under 15 seconds almost all the time. Great for single cuts.

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