Port outward, starboard home

JACKIE CHAIN “Diamonds & Cadillacs” (2009)

Click to download

Click to download

Whoa, Jackie Chain is Asian? I should read more hip hop blogs probably.

This might be as good as “Rollin'”; the synths are great. Jackie stays in his lyrical lane but Block Beataz Djay Cas of the Academy really delivers.



  DjayCas wrote @

I made this beat!
The Academy!

  colonialvigor wrote @

I stand corrected!

  colonialvigor wrote @

Whoa dude, you did Cube’s “Take Me Away”? That was one of my favorite jams from last year…

  DjayCas wrote @

wow man i didnt expect anyone to update the post thanks alot
yeah me and my parnter yung fokus did the track for cube

really appreciate you postin this up though
throw me an interview haha

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